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The National Council Human Rights concludes a training course for workers in the General Office of the Ministry of Social Solidarity

The Training and Capacity Building Department of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) concluded a training course on "Human Rights Basics" for workers at the General Office Ministry of Social Solidarity .

 The training course, which lasted for two days, was inaugurated by Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of NCHR, Dr. Ismail Abdel Rahman, General Supervisor of the Training Department and member of NCHR, and Dr. Ayman El-Sayed, Advisor to the Minister of Social Solidarity.

 Karem stressed the importance of intensifying national efforts to build capacities and train state workers in order to enhance the Human Rights march in Egypt, and to consolidate and implement its concepts and culture, stressing that this cannot be done without integrated cooperation with all ministries and government agencies to consolidate the link to reach the desired primary goal, which is spreading and promoting a culture of human rights.

 Ismail pointed out that this cooperation comes through the role of NCHR in promoting and upholding human rights values ​​in the field of support and capacity building for government agencies in the country with regard to training and education on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in line with the National Strategy for Human Rights in the areas of capacity support.

 Dr. Ayman El-Sayed commended the role of NCHR played in supporting and spreading the culture of human rights as an independent national institution that seeks to extend human awareness of their rights and how to enhance them - hoping that the Ministry and its employees will have full knowledge of the basics of Human Rights and public freedoms and how to examine the social phenomena that appear in Egyptian society. and deal with it.

 The two-day training course dealt with the nature and origin of Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights, the mechanism for dealing with citizen complaints received by NCHR, the definition of the National Strategy for Human Rights, the Convention for Persons with Disabilities, combating discrimination, and the Human Rights crisis at the international and national levels. This course represents it in raising their abilities and knowledge towards the concepts of Human Rights, which have become an integral part of their daily work.