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The National Council for Human Rights and October 6 University sign a cooperation protocol on educating students

Within the framework of the keenness of National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) to educate university youth about human rights in order to prepare qualified cadres who believe in the culture of promoting and respecting human rights, NCHR headed by Ambassador Moushira, signed a cooperation protocol with the Sixth of October University headed by Dr. Gamal Sami, University President.

Khattab expressed her pride in cooperating with universities, especially Egyptian universities, in the field of education in light of the importance of the role of youth in implementing the national strategy for human rights and how much important it is for young people to realize human rights because of their pivotal role in promoting the culture of human rights because they represent the most vital and courageous value in society.

Dr. Sami also expressed the importance of exchanging visions on social issues affecting society and searching for the most appropriate solutions to them by promoting the culture of human rights among members of society in general and among students in particular, respect for difference, pluralism and the principles of citizenship in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution, the National Strategy for Human Rights and Egypt's Vision 2030.

The meeting focused on developing and spreading awareness among students and the community of the importance of human rights in all fields and proving the idea of citizenship among young people, which instills a sense of belonging to the homeland and society, with its identity that reflects its culture, history and concerns.

   The parties also stressed the importance of the role and march of human rights and continuous capacity building in providing integrated care, development, and social protection for deserving citizens without discrimination.

The cooperation between the NCHR and the university aims to contribute to the implementation of the national strategy for human rights, foremost of which is raising awareness among university youth of human rights, exchanging experts and specialists from members of the NCHR and academics at the Sixth of October University in implementing related activities listed by both parties, and adopting and implementing field visit programs. courses for university students to contribute to achieving the desired goals.

The signing of the protocol came in the presence of Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of NCHR, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary General of NCHR, Dr. Hisham Tamraz, Vice President for Environmental Affairs, and a number of university professors, deans, and university students.

The leaders of NCHR and the university held an open meeting where the students discussed the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and many human rights issues and the importance of each article. Ambassador Khattab praised the awareness of the October 6 University students, describing them as ambassadors for human rights, promising the students other meetings in this context.