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Ambassador Moushira Khattab hands over to the High Commissioner for Human Rights a copy of the National Council for Human Rights’s annual report

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Volker Türk received in Geneva a delegation from the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions, headed by Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, President of the Network and President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in Egypt, and Mr. Sultan Al-Jamali, Secretary-General of the Network and Secretary-General of the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar, to discuss the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories.   At the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Khattab, President of the Arab Network, expressed her thanks to Mr. Volker Türk for receiving the delegation, which includes the heads of national human rights institutions that are members of the Arab Network. She appreciated the visit of the High Commissioner to the Arab region in light of the current tension, his meeting with officials and civil society institutions, and his keenness to visit the Rafah crossing to inspect the situation and discuss Ways to intervene to end the current crisis.   She stated that this meeting is being held at a critical time for human rights at the international level, confirming double standards, as millions in the Palestinian territories face horrific challenges.   Khattab stressed the urgent need for cooperation to end the violence and ensure unrestricted access of aid and relief to the affected areas. She also stressed the importance of promoting and protecting human rights for all equally without any discrimination between Palestinians and Israelis, in implementation of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and that violating international standards has severe repercussions. impact on the region and will weaken efforts to advance the human rights of the most needy groups.   For his part, Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of NCHR, mentioned the importance of current Arab public opinion, which lives and is affected by the oppressive and painful conditions experienced by the Palestinian people in Gaza by civilians and inhumane Israeli practices, and called on the international community to stop and condemn this killing, collective punishment, and forced displacement which contradicts the provisions of international law and international humanitarian law, explaining that the successive acts of Israeli aggression and destruction of Gaza are a clear violation of the provisions and purposes of the United Nations Charter, international legitimacy and the headquarters of the United Nations. He pointed out the double standards that live in the heart of the Arab citizen everywhere and which he witnesses every day, as he sees Exactly what some countries are calling for should be implemented in Ukraine and completely ignored in Gaza. There is no other way but to stop military operations and Israeli aggression and ensure the security of the people of Palestine and the entry of humanitarian aid. The Ambassador, Dr. Moushira Khattab, President of NCHR, received a copy of the NCHR’s sixteenth annual report, which covers three years of NCHR’s work.      For his part, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Volker Türk, expressed his appreciation for the vital work carried out by national human rights institutions and the Arab Network of National Human Rights Institutions. The High Commissioner stressed that the situation requires an immediate cessation of violence, while granting the United Nations and other entities unrestricted access to conflict areas, and noted the importance of influencing public opinion through the media and platforms that can make a difference.