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NCHR urges global intervention to stop Israeli operative

The National Council for Human Rights in Egypt (NCHR) hereby declares its grave apprehension regarding the recurrent reports of an impending military assault on the Palestinian city of Rafah and the subsequent Israeli endeavours to expel Palestinians to Egyptian soil. Such actions contravene the principles of international and humanitarian law, international human rights treaties, the Paris Principles, and the norms of civilian protection in wartime, and jeopardize the peace, security and stability of the region.

The NCHR endorses the stance of the UN Secretary-General and other eminent international officials who have cautioned against any terrestrial aggression on Rafah, considering the high population density that renders them indefensible, and which imperils an unparalleled humanitarian disaster. Moreover, the NCHR underscores the significance of backing all peace-seeking countries in the world that demand the conservation of human rights, in order to bolster the endeavours of the Egyptian authorities in delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, in order to avert further bloodshed and devastation by the Israeli army, which amounts to a blatant breach of international human rights treaties.

The NCHR refers to  the verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which admonishes Israeli practices and actions that constitute genocide, and urges the complete execution of the Court’s resolution concerning the situation in the Gaza Strip and to terminate the savage Israeli practices against civilians.

The NCHR also emphasizes the necessity of attaining a perpetual truce accord in Gaza, which will eventually result in accomplishing enduring peace in the region and the Palestinian people’s exercise of their right to an autonomous and sovereign state.