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Means of Contact-The National Council for Human Rights’ Operations Room for Following the 2020 Parliamentary Elections

The National Council for Human Rights follows the 2020 parliamentary elections, running on October 24 & 25,2020. The central operations room and the subsidiary chambers in different governorates have put in place logistic preparations for the following up of the 2020 parliamentary elections. The subsidiary chambers take place in the following governorates: Aswan, Sohag, Assiut, Beni Suef, Fayoum, Gharbeia, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, Kafr El-Shaikh and Al Qalyubiya. 

The council trusts that citizens will actively participate in the elections to choose their representatives in the parliament. This comes in the light of the role of civil societies and the political forces in mobilizing citizens’ participation in the parliamentary process. 

Contact the NCHR’s central operations room on the following numbers: 









Landline numbers: 37499771-37621040-33353279-02/37624953

Fax number: 02/37624859


Contact the subsidiary chambers on the following numbers: 


Fayoum: 01064015545

Beni Suef: 0128629959

Assiut: 01224845144

Sohag: 01066799212

Aswan: 01153399272

Suez: 01026252415

Port Said: 01229035327

 Ismailia: 01030120895

Kafr El-Shaikh: 01224017735

Gharbeia: 01270187347

Al Qalyubiya: 01002829972

Online Contacts:

E-mail: nchr@nchr.org.eg

Twitter: @nchregypt

Facebook: nchregypt

Whatsapp number: 01558345554