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Ambassador Khattab: The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has completed an Action Plan to implement the National Strategy in the governorates exporting illegal immigration

Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab stressed the importance of National Strategies to combat human trafficking and illegal immigration, which are crimes that violate the Human Rights of the most vulnerable groups. She praised the institutional work of the Coordinating Committee and all state agencies that cooperated with the NCHR in carrying out its mission. She also praised building on the achievements made. She added that the National Council for Human Rights is one of the partners of the Coordination Committee and supports all its actions, and that the NCHR has prepared an action plan to implement the National Strategy for Human Rights that focuses on a number of activities in the governorates exporting illegal immigration, which suffer from child marriage and some forms of violence against females, including the marriage of underage girls, depriving them of education and mutilating their genitals.

She added that the issued National Strategies herald a qualitative leap in promoting and protecting the rights of the most needy groups in light of the current stressful economic conditions experienced by the international community in the wake of the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which threatens to increase the crime rates of human trafficking and illegal immigration. And promised to intensify efforts and support the National Coordinating Committee. This came today at the celebration of the launch of the National Coordinating Committee to Combat and Prevent Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, "The Third National Strategy to Combat and Prevent Trafficking in Human Beings"
For the period (2022-2026) in the presence of the Minister of Social Solidarity/ Nevin Al-Kabbaj, in addition to representatives of international organizations, NGOs and foreign embassies in Cairo.

Khattab added that the third National Strategy to combat and prevent human trafficking gives it hope, as it was issued in response to presidential directives, which gives it a strong impetus to implement its desired goals based on what was achieved in the implementation of the second strategy.