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The Egyptian State confirmed its commitment to human rights by launching the National Human Rights Strategy: Moushira Khattab

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), highlighted her happiness to participate in the seminar organised by Al-Azhar pavilion in the 53rd edition of Cairo International Book Fair, which was held under the theme “The National Human Rights Strategy”. She noted that she’s participating in Al-Azhar activities in the annual event for the second year in a row.

During her participation in the event which was attended by Abdullah Al-Najjar, former Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, member of the Islamic Research Academy, Khattab emphasized that the importance of human rights is manifested through the protection of human dignity in general, and the provision of an adequate environment where humans can have a decent life.

Moreover, the President of NCHR highlighted that the Egyptian State has confirmed its commitment to the protection of human rights through the National Human Rights Strategy which was launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Khattab noted that the national strategy represents the State’s vision, adding that it was drafted upon consultations between the government and the civil society.

During the event, Ambassador Moushira Khattab addressed the Human Fraternity Document being the most important document in Al-Azhar and the Vatican relations history.

She said that the document is the outcome of the joint collaboration between the Grand Imam and the Vatican Pope, noting that it embodies their vision for the relations between different religions followers and the ideal role of religions in our modern world.

She also pointed out that citizens are required to perform their duties now that the State has committed to protect their rights. She then addressed the demographic growth, noting that it negatively affects the State’s efforts.

Furthermore, the President of the NCHR highlighted “Haya Karima” initiative that serves millions of Egyptians, noting that it embodies the essence of the human rights national strategy by strengthening a number of basic rights; the rights to health, housing, education among others.