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Moushira Khattab: President El-Sisi's Human Rights vision raises the expectations of the Egyptian citizen

Ambassador Moshira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that the National Strategy for Human Rights places Egypt on the threshold of a historic opportunity, the first of its kind in Egyptian history, as it puts Egypt in the ranks of democratic countries. This came in the ambassador's speech before a forum for promoting the culture of Human Rights in southern Upper Egypt under the slogan "Together towards activating the National Strategy for Human Rights" in Aswan Governorate, which was held within the framework of cooperation between the NCHR, the National Alliance for Civil Development Action and the Egyptian Youth Council.

During her speech, Ambassador Mushira Khattab stressed that the National Strategy for Human Rights is a solid document that included a number of important axes, none of which was devoid of reference to civil society because of the important and effective role it plays in the service of comprehensive development.

She said that President Al-Sisi's Human Rights vision raises the expectations of the Egyptian citizen.

Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan, said that the state has a firm belief in the capabilities and capabilities of young people and their ability to overcome difficulties and deal quickly with the rapid technological development.

In the speech of Professor Mohamed Mamdouh, member of the NCHR, it was stated that the achievements made in the paths of implementing the strategy are serious and effective steps that prove the sincerity of intentions in working to improve the Human Rights situation within the Egyptian state.

As pointed out by Dr. Wafaa Benjamin, member of the NCHR, said that the term Human Rights is not a new concept, as humanity has long sought to confirm the basic principles of Human Rights through the issuance of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which affirms that human beings are born free, and the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights.