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Moushira Khattab: The food silo is a quantum leap in Human Rights:

The President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) stated that the food silo represents a quantum leap in the Human Rights of more than 13 million school students, and a translation of the goals of sustainable development, especially the goals of eradicating hunger and poverty. Egypt's vision 2030 provides 60 million meals according to the highest international standards of food quality and safety. It represents a faithful translation of the guarantee of the right to dignity, the right to life and the enjoyment of the highest possible standard of health. She added that President El-Sisi's sponsorship of this most important achievement and the adoption of international standards in the safety and quality of food for the most important segment of the population in Egypt is a translation of a high-level political will to guarantee Human Rights and a very important development that guarantees the protection of children and youth from the dangers of randomness and accidents that some school children were exposed to and we followed it over the years. It also improves the quality of health in the stages of growth and protection from diseases and

and school feeding.