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Khattab: Promoting a culture of tolerance provides a supportive environment for the respect and enforcement of Human Rights

Ambassador Moshira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that promoting a culture of tolerance is necessary to provide an environment supportive of respect, promotion and enforcement of Human Rights, stressing that the relationship between tolerance, peace and Human rights is an important relationship, as tolerance is an essential pillar of human rights, as it is the basic building block of the Human Rights system in any community. This came during the signing of a cooperation protocol between NCHR and the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace today, Sunday, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan, President of the Global Council.

Khattab explained that tolerance corresponds to the right to enjoy all human rights without discrimination, and non-discrimination is a fundamental principle and an integral pillar upon which all Human Rights are based.

The protocol affirms the desire of the two parties to enhance means of cooperation between them in order to achieve peace, spread the values of tolerance and a culture of Human Rights, and ensure their enjoyment, and strive through this partnership to protect human rights and spread the values of tolerance and brotherhood among peoples. The protocol also aims to cooperate in order to spread and promote a culture of Human Rights and a culture of tolerance in order to achieve the goals of peace, by developing and supporting Human Rights curricula for school students to teach children tolerance, Human Rights and ways of living with the other, and training workers in the government and private sectors to ensure prevention and promotion links and passion between communities to advance human rights and uphold the values of tolerance and peace.

Mr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Jarwan emphasized that the NCHR in Egypt succeeded in playing an important role in consolidating Human Rights values and promoting its culture, despite the challenges that the Arab region has gone through during the past few years. He said that the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace believes that spreading the values of tolerance implicitly contributes to the dissemination of a culture of Human Rights, as work to spread the culture of Human Rights and its principles includes the consolidation of the values, principles and culture of tolerance.

  The NCHR, in cooperation with the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, held a symposium entitled "Mechanisms for spreading the values of tolerance, world peace and human rights" in the context of signing a cooperation protocol between the two councils with the aim of coordinating efforts in areas of work that contribute to spreading the values of tolerance and peace regionally and globally. The discussions and interventions of the attendees concluded that it is necessary to benefit from this cooperation in raising societal awareness of the values of tolerance and peace, and the concepts of Human Rights, and the need to work to unify all societal efforts and capabilities to spread that culture at various levels and start with the family through the school and religious, media and educational institutions at the level and practice on the ground. This requires working to integrate the values of tolerance, peace, and Human Rights into school curricula, community programs, and media content to combat extremist ideology and refute hate speech.

Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, and Dr. Hisham Azmy, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Culture, participated in the symposium on behalf of the Minister of Culture, Vice-President of the British University, Vice-President of October 6 University, members of the NCHR, representatives of the Ministries of Environment, Finance, Education, Youth and Sports, Manpower, Planning and Economic Development and representatives of the universities Fayoum, Al-Azhar, Canadian, and Misr for Science and Technology, in addition to representatives of the concerned and relevant societal sectors, all participated in this event.