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President of the National Council for Human Rights: Members of Students's Union of the Republic Schools of the Republic represent ambassadors of Human Rights in their respective governorates.

Today, Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), received Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education at the headquarters of the NCHR to attend the activities of the NCHR with the Students's Union of the Schools of the Republic (SUSR), and to discuss the role of youth in implementing the national strategy for human rights.
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Reda Hegazy welcomed the attendees, appreciating the efforts made by the Ambassador, Moushira, President of NCHR, and his happiness with the effort made between the two sides in order to achieve fruitful cooperation in implementing the national strategy for human rights.
The Minister stressed that the development of education is an implementation of the state project, pointing to the Ministry's efforts to develop curricula, on an ongoing basis, providing school libraries with books that enhance human rights, and call for rejecting violence and extremism, and seeking to form a different educational environment that does not allow extremism to know its path to our educational institutions.
The Minister pointed out the inclusion of the curricula of the Arabic language, religious education and national education, which deals with human rights and citizenship, as well as confronting the phenomenon of bullying, pointing to the issuance of a periodic directive circular for international schools and exemplary official schools directing them to adhere to the holding of national identity exams (Arabic language, religious education, and national education) and for the directors of these material subjects at the level of the Ministry to set these exams for the second semester to enhance interest in these materials.
The Minister also stressed the Ministry's interest in promoting awareness at the level of directorates and educational departments in the nature of persons with special needs and the best way to deal with them and to facilitate their daily dealings, their participation and integration as an full partner in the society.

The Minister pointed out that the ministry, in cooperation with NCHR, reviewed the curricula from the Human Rights perspective to clear textbooks from any content which may contradict these rights; In the hope of raising a generation characterized by full awareness of its correct values, with the aim of developing curricula as a major tool to establish Human Rights values and spread its culture.
The Minister stressed the keenness to form elected student councils in a competitive context, through which the student learns the values of participation, dialogue, discussion and tolerance, the values of participation and belonging, and enhance the school status because it is the natural place to learn.
The Minister also pointed to cooperation with the Ministry of Culture in promoting the strategy of building the Egyptian person, through the activities and events organized by the Ministry by specialists in all areas of creativity in discovering and refining the skills of talented people in the fields of arts and literature in the stage of young people and youth, which helps to create a conscious and enlightened generation .
In her speech, the Ambassador, Moushira Khattab, welcomed the attendees, stressing that Human Rights are a way to solve incurable problems and are the most important issue in the world, stressing the extent of the attention attached This meeting is within the framework of activating this strategy, spreading awareness of human rights, and addressing human rights problems.
The Ambassador, President of the NCHR, said: “During this meeting, we are pleased to listen to the students present in NCHR and follow up on the extent of development in education in the interest of students and the reflection of that development in their favor and we can learn about practical simulation by listening and discussing students, whether questions or opinions, and seeking students’ opinion about the comparison between the existence of clear curricula for human rights or extracurricular activities, stressing that the duty is completely related to rights and everyone must be committed to the application of rights with duties".
She also praised the students of SUSR present from the participating governorates, describing them as ambassadors of human rights in their governorates, representing 25 million students from the strongest and most important population segment.

During the meeting, a documentary film on the history of the NCHR, its goals and activities was presented, and the contribution to preparing the reports provided by the state in the field of human rights, as well as a free discussion with students on the concept of human rights and duties, and how to achieve it on the ground in Egyptian society.

This came in the presence of Dr. Iman Hassan, head of the Central Administration for Student Activities, Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice -President of the NCHR, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary General of the NCHR, Ambassador Ahmed Ismail, Advisor to the Chairman of NCHR, Professor Ahmed Moussa, President of the Student Union, and the members of NCHR and students members of the SUSR.