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Ambassador Moushira Khattab: The National Council for Human Rights trained 5,000 university students on the principles of Human Rights

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) organized an open meeting at NCHR headquarters with Ain Shams University students in the presence of Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of the NCHR, Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, in implementation and activation of the cooperation protocol signed between Ain Shams University and NCHR in order to work together in Implementation of the National Strategy for Human Rights. The meeting was attended by Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of NCHR, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary General of NCHR, members of NCHR, Dr. Anas Jaafar, Dr. Ismail Abdel Rahman, Dr. Wafa Benjamin, Professor Samira Louka, Professor Essam Shiha, Professor Muhammad Mamdouh, Dr. Walaa Gad Al-Karim, Dr. Hoda Ragheb and from Ain Shams University. Dr. Shahira Samir, Executive Director of the International Relations and Cooperation Sector, Dr. Jihan Ragab, Advisor to the Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Dr. Samia Abdo, Deputy Director of University Hospitals, Dr. Chirut Al-Ahmadi, Director of the Expatriate Department at the university, and a group of faculty members at the university.
At the beginning of the meeting, the President of NCHR welcomed Dr. Al-Matini and the delegation accompanying him, and expressed her thanks to the university for the cooperation that resulted in the cooperation protocol signed on December 28, 2022, and the implementation of several meetings with university students to raise awareness of human rights. Khattab added that young people are the largest group that has clearly benefited from the National Human Rights Strategy launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, noting that they are the group that is able to change the conviction of public opinion by virtue of their young age, and that they have the ability to absorb, stressing that the launch of the strategy gave Egypt an opportunity to advance. human life.
Khattab explained that NCHR held meetings with students of public and private universities, and nearly 5,000, both male and female students, participated in these meetings, with the aim of raising awareness, protecting and promoting Human Rights among the youth of different universities, and implementing the National Strategy for Human Rights, adding that NCHR will choose ambassadors for Human Rifhts from among university youth for what Youth represents an active force and pillar in society.
While Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini expressed his appreciation for the role of the NCHR since its inception in 2003 until now, headed by Ambassador Moushira Khattab.
El-Metini appreciated the cooperation between Ain Shams University and NCHR for the sake of Egypt's youth, as they represent a large and important segment within society. The university works to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to build their homeland.
Al-Matini explained that university students study the principles of Human Rights through the (societal issues) curriculum, and this curriculum represents one of the graduation requirements for all students, and it was approved by the Supreme Council of Universities from within the university, where university students represent a large number of different nationalities from countries of the world. A film was shown explaining the establishment of NCHR and its role in spreading, protecting, and promoting human rights. An open discussion and dialogue took place among university students about their role in implementing the National Strategy for Human Rights and what are the rights and duties that they must know and learn in order to set an example within their community and contribute what they have learned to building society. Joint cooperation between NCHR and the university, which will be carried out during the coming period.