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The National Cohncil for Human Rights and the High Commissioner hold a course to raise the capabilities of journalists

Within the framework of cooperation between the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to enhance the executive plan for the training programmes, a training course entitled "Supporting Journalists' Capabilities in Promoting the Human Rights-Based Approach to Journalism Coverage" was held for three days in Cairo, targeting a number of journalists from within Egypt.

At the beginning, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary General of NCHR, welcomed the delegation of the Commission, appreciating its effective role, looking forward to strengthening cooperation to include many segments of society so that they can play their role, through many mechanisms, foremost of which is holding the necessary training courses for all segments of society and societal segments, especially the press targeting Consolidate the principles of human rights and spread awareness thereof.

Fayed stressed that training is a fundamental process through which we work to create cadres, prepare them and develop their skills in the field of human rights, especially when it comes to media and press institutions, which constitute one of the main pillars of the state, as it is one of the most important tributaries of knowledge that influence public opinion positively or negatively.

From his side. Muhammad Ensour, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department of OHCHR, stated that the NCHR was one of the first national institutions to be established and is one of the leading institutions in the Arab region, which makes the OHCHR keen to cooperate with it to consolidate and promote human rights concepts, pointing to the great importance of the role of the press elite. Which mainly affects the reader, society and the state in general, so there is an interest from the Commission that the press materials keep pace with the many changes that Egypt has been witnessing in the field of human rights in recent times.

Dr. Ismail Abdel Rahman, a member of NCHR and supervisor of the training and capacity building sector in NCHR, stressed the great responsibility that rests with journalists, so they must be aware of all legal and legislative frameworks, as they are an integral part of our attempts to consolidate the concepts of human rights.