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The National Human Rights Council participates in meetings on proposed legislation in the House of Representatives

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) participated in the meetings of the Human Rights, Defense and National Security Committees in the House of Representatives to discuss a number of legislation related to human rights issues on the legislative agenda in the current session. In the session of the Human Rights Committee chaired by Representative Tariq Radwan, Ambassador Moshira Khattab, President of NCHR, reviewed the fruitful cooperation between NCHR and Parliament to pass basic legislation that achieves the goals of the National Strategy for Human Rights. Khattab emphasized that NCHR is not an executive body, but it follows up and makes observations about performance related to the implementation of the national strategy. She referred to NCHR current contribution to advanced training manuals that are presented to state agencies for application, including a guide on how to treat inmates in correction and rehabilitation centers, and another for the comprehensive United Nations system for human rights.

She stated that NCHR is proud of its implementation of ambitious programs to promote the culture of human rights among school and university students, in which more than 6,000 students have participated so far. Khattab called for simplifying the provisions of the national strategy for the general public. NCHR members Abdel-Gawad Ahmed, Mohamed Mamdouh and Ezzat Ibrahim participated in the meeting.

In the meeting of the Defense and National Security Committee headed by Major General Ahmed Al-Awadi with the National Council for Human Rights regarding the amendment of the Nationality Law, discussions revolved around presenting the two draft laws amending some provisions of Law No. By taking its opinion on draft laws related to its field of work, and voting on it in preparation for presenting it to Parliament in its plenary session and taking the necessary measures in this regard. The two bills of law include replacing the texts of Articles Numbers (the fourth items first and third, the fourth bis, and the sixth paragraph two) in order to activate the principle of equality between men and women in all rights and affirm the right of both men and women to acquire the original nationality to their children, provided that the law defines the conditions for acquiring nationality This is in addition to enhancing access to foreign exchange by authorizing the granting of Egyptian nationality to a foreigner who buys real estate from the private sector, as well as authorizing the payment of investment programs and application fees for obtaining Egyptian nationality in cash, provided that they enter the Arab Republic of Egypt through one of the customs outlets. After discussion and observations, the committee voted on the two bills amending some provisions of the aforementioned law, in preparation for completing the legal procedures for their approval. The delegation of the National Council for Human Rights participated in the discussions, headed by Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of the Council, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary General of the Council, Hani Ibrahim, member of the Council, and Ahmed Nasr, the legal advisor to NCHR.