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The delegation of the National Council for Human Rights holds a series of meetings in Ismailia Governorate

Based on the role of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in dessiminating, promoting and protecting human rights, and in implementation of the action planof NCHR, the delegation of NCHR paid a field visit to Ismailia Governorate, with the aim of following up on the implementation of the National Strategy for Human Rights.

The delegation started the visit by meeting with the Governor of Ismailia, Major General Sherif Fahmy Bishara, Eng. Ahmed Essam El-Din, Deputy Governor, executive and popular leaders, and representatives of professional and labour unions.

The Governor of Ismailia expressed his welcome to the delegation of NCHR headed by Ambassador Moshira Khattab, Dr. Wafaa Benjamin, Chair of the Social Committee, Lawyer Rabeha Fathi, members of NCHR, and researchers from the General Secretariat of NCHR, praising Ambassador Khattab’s journey in serving the nation through all the positions she assumed, expressing his appreciation for the role of NCHR in the promotion of human rights. .

Ambassador Moushira Khattab explained that NCHR, in its current formation, attaches great importance to field visits to the governorates to hear the points of view and the important role of the executive bodies in implementing the national strategy for human rights. Khattab added that the annual report has been completed and will be released soon and that the state, during this period, attaches great importance to human rights issues.

The ambassador presented a letter of thanks to the governor for supporting the human rights unit in the governorate and his decision today to support all centers, cities and villages in the governorate with a trained member to communicate directly with citizens and receive all questions and complaints related to the human rights file.

Khattab also affirmed the support of NCHR for the human rights unit in the governorate by providing the necessary training on how to deal with human rights issues, citizens and complaints, explaining that human rights worldwide face many multiple and accelerating challenges.

Discussions took place between the parliament delegation, members of the House of Representatives, executive leaders, representatives of trade unions, and directors of relevant departments in the governorate about the need for awareness-raising and good training for all citizens, as well as those dealing with the human rights file, to ensure good understanding and effective communication of human rights. A meeting was also held with a number of students of the Suez Canal University and the School Students Union, in the presence of Dr. Nasser Mandour, President of the Suez Canal University, and Dr. Ahmed Musa, Major General of the Republic Students Union.
NCHR President advised that holding such meetings aims to raise awareness and promote human rights among the youth of universities and various schools and implement the national strategy for human rights and declared that ambassadors for human rights will be chosen from among the youth of universities and schools because youth represent an active force and a pillar in society.

At the end of these meetings, the Governor of Ismailia honoured Ambassador Mushira Khattab by awarding her the shield of the governorate in appreciation of the efforts of NCHR in the field of human rights.