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National Human Rights visit Aswan Governorate

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) visited Aswan Governorate, as part the plan of NCHR Complaints Committee to make field trips in all governorates of the Republic with the aim of identifying service institutions in those governorates, to find out their conditions and work mechanisms in providing services to citizens, linking them with the complaints forms received by the Complaints Committee of NCHR, as well as publishing Awareness and definition of the role of NCHR and objectives with regard to mechanisms for receiving and handling complaints.

  The visit was conducted from May 21 to May 25, 2023, with the aim of identifying the experience of Aswan Governorate in dealing with citizens’ complaints and the quality of services provided by the governorate, especially that Aswan Governorate got first place in the unified government complaints system in interacting with citizens’ complaints, and visiting a number of From the care homes and local units of some centers and how they deal with complaints from citizens.

The field visit was attended by Mr. Mahmoud Bassiouni, a member of NCHR and rapporteur of the complaints committee, and from the technical secretariat, Mr. Nabil Shalaby, Mr. Bassam Samir, and Mr. Karim Abdel Mohsen, researchers in the complaints committee of NCHR.

The field visit witnessed a meeting with Major General Ashraf Attia, Governor of Aswan, his deputy and directors of human rights and complaints units in the governorate, a visit to the Daraw Center Council and an inspection of the services provided through it, as well as a visit to a number of care homes in Aswan Governorate.

The tour began with a meeting with the Governor of Aswan and his deputy, then inspected the Technology Center for Citizen Service, and the Center for Information Systems and Digital Transformation in the governorate. In the framework of receiving complaints and interacting with citizens