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The National Council for Human Rights condemns the Jabalia crime and calls for urgent international action to hold Israel accountable

The National Council for Human Rights (nchr) condemned in the strongest terms the massacre carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities against defenseless citizens in the Jabalia camp, which resulted in hundreds of martyrs and wounded, including children, women and the elderly.

NCHR affirmed that this criminal act is in addition to what occupied Palestine in general and the Gaza Strip in particular are being subjected to in terms of genocidal war, ethnic cleansing, and forced displacement, which represents a setback to all principles and standards of human rights, international humanitarian law, and humanitarian values and norms.

NCHR renews its demand for international solidarity and to make all efforts to stop this war that affects international peace and security, and stressed the necessity of conducting a transparent international investigation into the crimes that have been committed and are still being committed against defenseless civilians. NCHR calls on all national institutions concerned with human rights, as well as international civil society institutions, to uphold humanitarian values and solidarity by all available means and means in order to protect civilians and preserve human rights principles, including providing a safe humanitarian corridor to ensure the flow of aid and fuel, especially in light of the deteriorating conditions in Health services within the sector, especially hospitals that have begun to stop providing their services