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The the National Council for Human Rights and New Giza University sign a joint cooperation protocol

Within the framework of the National Council for Human Rights' (NCHR) keenness to educate university youth about human rights in order to prepare qualified cadres who believe in the culture of promoting and respecting human rights, and within the framework of the activities of the project to support NCHR in partnership with the European Union, Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of NCHR, signed with the University of New Giza, headed by Dr. Sameh Farid, President of the University, signed a cooperation protocol in order to achieve fruitful cooperation in implementing the National Strategy for Human Rights.
Khattab expressed her pride in cooperating with universities, stressing the importance of young people’s awareness of human rights because of their pivotal role in spreading the culture of human rights because they represent the most vital and courageous value in society.

It is worth noting that NCHR held several meetings with male and female students at Egyptian universities, where the Ambassador held a dialogue with more than 7,000 male and female students. They became more enthusiastic about human rights and more knowledgeable about them, and they developed a vision that would enable them to participate in proposing to amend the curricula for teaching human rights in universities, in accordance with what is stipulated in the cooperation protocol.

As confirmed by Dr. Sameh stressed the importance of the role and process of human rights and continuous capacity building in providing integrated care, development and social protection for deserving citizens without discrimination.

The cooperation between NCHR and the University aims to contribute to the implementation of the National Human Rights Strategy and to prepare and implement joint programs aimed at building new cadres and a new generation of university graduates who are qualified and believe in the culture of promoting and respecting human rights, and works to achieve them through seminars, conferences, educational training materials, and publications on social media platforms, and the exchange of experts and specialists from members of NCHR and academics at New Giza University in implementing the relevant activities listed by both parties, and adopting and implementing study field visit programs for university students in a way that contributes to achieving the desired goals.

The signing of the protocol came in the presence of Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of NCHR, Ambassador Fahmi Fayed, Secretary-General of NCHR, Dr. Hala Saqr, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Politics, and Dr. Hoda Shaltout, political science teacher at New Giza University.