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The National Council for Human Rights organizes a training course entitled “Following up the 2023 presidential elections”

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), in cooperation with the League of Arab States, held a training course entitled Follow-up to the 2023 presidential elections, which was implemented over two days as part of the cooperation program with the European Union, which includes, as one of its goals, raising the capabilities and developing the skills of NCHR researchers and civil society organizations working in the same field.

The training was attended by researchers from NCHR and a number of representatives of associations and civil institutions that obtained approval to follow the elections from the National Elections Authority.

Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary-General of NCHR, confirmed in his opening speech that one of the most important objectives of this training course is to know the rules for following up on the conduct of the electoral process in light of the constitution, the law, and the decisions issued by the National Elections Authority, which is an important constitutional entitlement that we all seek to achieve in the best possible way.

The training covered the concept of the electoral cycle, the legal framework of the electoral process, international standards for elections, the concept of follow-up and the formation of electoral follow-up missions.

The training also discussed the Declaration of Observer Principles and the Code of Conduct, the role of the Observer during the voting process, and how to write the follow-up report.

This training is considered the beginning of a series of training that Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of NCHR, was keen to carry out in cooperation with the Elections Administration of the League of Arab States.