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Gaza crisis has proven Palestinian people’s resilience, Egyptian administration effectiveness: Moushira Khattab

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, PhD, lauded Egypt’s efforts in providing vital assistance to the Palestinians in Gaza who are suffering from a severe humanitarian crisis.

The NCHR President made this statement in the seminar held on “How to Document War Crimes: The Role of Media, Human Rights, and International Organizations,” which was a joint event between the Coordination of Party Youth and the 55th Cairo International Book Fair’s cultural program. It featured speakers such as MP and journalist Mahmoud Muslim, MP Mahmoud Badr, Palestinian writer Naji Al-Najjar, and journalist Ahmed Al-Tahri.

Khattab also said that the ICJ’s progress in the case against Israel is a big blow to the Israeli occupation, and that this move marks a significant change in the court’s stance towards a country that claimed to be the sole democratic state in the region.

The NCHR President also highlighted that Israel is confronted with a grave accusation, and that it reflects the present dedication of all countries to safeguard the victims of atrocities. This is a crucial change in support of the Palestinian cause, she noted.

Furthermore, she emphasized that the crisis has shown the resilience of the Palestinians and the effectiveness of the Egyptian leadership in the talks to end the current crisis. She also rejected the claims that Israel has the right to self-defense, saying that an occupier cannot claim such a right.

The NCHR President also noted that the prospects for Palestinian rights are better than ever, even though the human toll was huge, with many Palestinians killed, including children, women and men, and with massive areas and infrastructure ruined.