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Recommendations Issued by the Symposium on “The Role of State and Civil Societies in Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic”

To commemorate the International Human Rights Day, the National Council for Human Rights held a symposium on “The Role of State and Civil Societies in Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic” on Thursday, December 10, 2020. 

The participants stressed the need for concerted effort to provide the necessary support to fight Covid-19 pandemic that threatens humanity and badly effects daily life and all areas of economy. 

Furthermore, they stressed the following: 

Continuing to take all precautionary and preventive measures and increasing the awareness campaigns, which will be in accordance to the instructions and guidelines set by The Ministry of Health and WHO, pending the availability of treatment or a safe and effective vaccine. Also, stepping up the scientific research efforts to guarantee safety and effectiveness of the vaccines and to avoid any side effects along with setting a clear time plan for receiving vaccines.  
Strengthening the capacities of public and central hospitals to be ready to receive and deal with Covid-19 patients and increasing beds at Intensive care units, according to global standards. Tightening control over private hospitals regarding prices of services and facilitating the procedures of establishing civil hospitals.  
Determining and following up medical organizations and societies that provide free services, by Ministry of Social Solidarity. Continuing to support the efforts of the civil society and providing the necessary administrative facilities.