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NCHR delegation visits Badr city reform and rehabilitation facility

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), on Tuesday, visited the Centre of Reform and Rehabilitation in Badr City.

During the visit, the NCHR delegation met with Major General Tarek Marzouk, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Interior for Community Protection who briefed the delegation about the latest developments in the centre and the Ministry of Interior's strategy relating to centres of reform and rehabilitation development.

The NCHR delegation spoke with the families of inmates, monitoring the compliance of the followed standards in the centre with the international standards.

The delegation visited the centre's hospital, health and treatment services and explored the prevention efforts and early detection campaigns, as well as the women health centre and the services provide to female inmates.

Moreover, the delegation followed the healthcare services provided in hospital sections and the operations room.

The NCHR delegation also visited inmates rehabilitation, illiteracy classes, crafts, and music rooms, as well as the nursery.

The delegation also visited the centre's kitchen, followed up on the meals being served to inmates, as well as the special meals served to inmates suffering from specific diseases.

The delegation also visited the places of worship inside the facility.