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NCHR closely following the release procedures of a number of pretrial detainees

Under the framework of implementing the national human rights strategy objectives concerning revisiting pretrial detention procedures and the ongoing cooperation and coordination between the Public Prosecution, Ministry of Interior and NCHR in this regard, and the response to the complaints communicated by the council regarding a number of pretrial detainees, the Public Prosecution, on April 24th 2022, has released a number of pretrial detainees.

The NCHR has lauded this move, which promises further legislative and procedural improvements in relation to the regulation of pretrial detention.

The council has delegated Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, head of the NCHR’s civil and political rights committee, and Dr.Walaa Gad El-Kareem, head of NCHR’s complaints committee, to follow the release procedures of the aforementioned detainees.

The NCHR representatives highlighted the council’s vision aimed at boosting cooperation between all relevant parties and reinforcing mutual understanding of the followed procedures and capitalizing on them to address the challenges and meet the legitimate demands related to pretrial detention.

Moreover, the NCHR extends its appreciation for the Public Prosecution and the judicial system in Egypt as well as the efforts of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior in strengthening security and protecting the process of development. On this occasion, the council calls upon the Parliament and the Senate to adopt legislative amendments that enhance pretrial detention procedures and conditions.

The NCHR urges political groups and released detainees to take advantage of this move and the positive signs and adhere to the legal rules of practicing freedom of expression to ensure refraining from aiding extremist groups – deliberately or unintentionally- in achieving their goals. Furthermore, the council hopes that the concerned judicial and security authorities would adopt more flexible moves to revisit other pretrial detainees cases.

The NCHR stresses that it shall continue its coordination efforts in addressing the complaints of pretrial detainees, and continuing the open dialogue with human rights organisations and political parties and different national voices to promote an environment that supports human rights and public freedoms and to translate the call of the Egyptian President to establish a political and community dialogue in line with the new desired republic.

Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, NCHR President, has stressed that the National Council for Human Rights, values the call of the Egyptian President to establish a comprehensive community dialogue.