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NCHR did not receive any complaints relating to the late Dr. Ayman Hadhoud, says head of NCHR complaints committee

Dr. Walaa Gad El-Kareem, head of the complaints and monitoring committee at the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), stated that the complaints office hasn’t received any complaints related to the late Dr. Ayman Hadhoud, and none of his family members presented any Alledged forced disappearance complaints.

Gad El-Kareem called upon the organisations that issued a joint statement on Ayman Hadhoud to double-check the accuracy of the facts stated in their statement and correct the claims therein. 

The head of the complaints committee stressed that the new composition of the council, since its appointment on December 27th, 2021, has introduced key reforms on NCHR’s complaints mechanism which were aimed at strengthening its governance and ensure consistency with the ideal human rights violations complaints handling. He noted that the NCHR branch in Giza receives plaintiffs, while they can also send their complaints via the complaints office electronic application, or the website.

Moreover, Dr. Walaa Gad El-Kareem highlighted that NCHR has initiated to call for a comprehensive investigation in the death of Dr. Ayman Hadhoud, urging the public prosecution to include all claims raised about the deceased death in the investigations.

All complaints received by NCHR via the aforementioned channels were reviewed, included forced disappearance complaints, to verify that the council did not receive any complaints from Hadhoud’s family.

In the end of his statement, the head of NCHR’s complaints committee reiterated the council’s position which was announced by its President, Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, on April 12th, which highlighted that the NCHR prioritises civil and political rights, public freedoms and facilitating access to justice.

Furthermore, Gad El-Kareem urged human violations victims and their families to address NCHR via official channels to register their complaints.