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Moushira Khattab welcomes the ministry of local development initiative to establish human rights units nationwide

Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that Egypt is starting a key phase of strengthening human rights, noting that there is a strong political will to address this file.

That was part of the NCHR President speech during the meeting with the Parliament's human rights committee on Sunday March 6th 2022. The meeting, which was chaired by MP Tarek Radwan, was aimed at discussing NCHR 15th annual report 2019-2020. The meeting was attended by the human rights committee members, and NCHR members.

During the meeting, the NCHR President stressed that there is a worldwide attention to the events taking place in Egypt given the country's regional and international stature.

Ambassador Moushira Khattab highlighted that she met with nearly 20 ambassadors, and is set to meet with the US Deputy Secretary of State and invited the Parliament's human rights committee to participate in NCHR's meetings with human rights organisations on March 10th , and the meeting with political parties on March 20th.

During the meeting,  the NCHR President presented the complaints committee's report, noting that the complaints mechanism in the NCHR has a major importance and represents a key priority. She added that the complaints office has been restructured.

She added that the NCHR created an electronic application to receive citizens' complaints, noting that it has over 11 branches nationwide.

Furthermore, she emphasized that the decision of the ministry of local development to establish human rights units nationwide is highly important, noting that the NCHR seeks to establish a cooperation mechanism with these units to solve citizens problems.