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Model of United Nations-Human Rights Council, a milestone in addressing major challenges: NCHR President

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) stated that the Model of United Nations-Human Rights Council session in the World Youth Forum represented a key milestone in addressing major challenges affecting strengthening human rights in Egypt, the Arab region and the world.

She pointed out that the Egyptian President’s statements in this session highlighted the negative impact of demographic growth on human rights.

This came part of Khattab’s statements during the meeting of the health and population, human rights and social solidarity joint-committee aimed at discussing a study present by MP Soheir Abdel Salam on population growth in Egypt, and the proposed solutions to address this problem.

The NCHR President highlighted that the solution to demographic growth starts with an adequate implementation of the national human rights strategy under the framework of an accurate action plan.

She added that the aforementioned plan should consist of seven key pillars. The first pillar shall comprise revisiting existing legislations to address children exploitation. She then emphasized the need to tighten sanctions stipulated by the Law no.126 of 2008 against parents who deprive their children from the right to education, in addition to bridging the gaps in the family planning system.

 The second pillar shall aim to support relevant organisations concerned with addressing demographic growth, not only on the health front.  

The third pillar shall consist of raising awareness about demographic growth, and its implications on Egyptian citizens. The fourth pillar shall aim to build the capacities of family planning professionals, while the fifth pillar shall focus on allocating the necessary financial resources, and monitor spending efficiency.

Subsequently, the sixth pillar shall focus on activating the family consultation line established by the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, and connect it with family planning centres. And finally, the seventh pillar consists of setting a monitoring and follow-up programme.