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Ambassador Moushira Khattab: We will work under the framework of the National Human Rights Strategy, Governorates a key priority

Ambassador Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), extended her thanks to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, on behalf of NCHR members, for ratifying the reconstitution of NCHR under her presidency.

During the first NCHR meeting, the NCHR President expressed her pride of presiding over the first council of its kind, noting that the Parliament voted on the civil society nominations for NCHR members, which were then ratified by President El- Sisi, in an unprecedented event. She highlighted that this is a great honour and an equally significant responsibility, underscoring the key attention given by the State to civil society.

Ambassador Khattab pointed out her keenness to support the human rights system in the country, extending her thanks to former NCHR President Mohamed Fayek and members, for their efforts.

She added that the NCHR first meeting coincides with the New Year, the inauguration of the new NCHR headquarters in New Cairo, under the framework of the establishment of a new republic, which will operate under the framework of the National Human Rights Strategy launched by the Egyptian President. She also noted that NCHR will draft an action plan for the upcoming period in line the strategy.

The President of NCHR stressed that the council will prioritize nationwide action under the framework of a detailed plan and continuous communication with citizens through the council’s branches in different governorates.

During the meeting, NCHR Vice-President Dr. Mahmoud Karem, explained the NCHR work structure through its committees; Civil and Political Rights committee, Cultural Rights committee, International Relations committee, Social Rights committee, Economic Rights committee, Legal Affairs committee, and Complaints committee. He also presented the council’s activities and units.

For their parts, the new NCHR members highlighted their gratitude for the council’s memberships, stressing that they will work to strengthen and protect human rights, reinforcing their values, and raise awareness about them, and that they will contribute to drafting the reports that the State commits to present to human rights entities under the framework of international conventions ratified by Egypt, and to cooperate and coordinate with state institutions.