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The National Council for Human Rights Approves its Strategy for 2021-2024

 The National Council for Human Rights, presided by Mohamed Fayeq, has held its 83rd monthly meeting in the attendance of Ambassador Mokhles Kotb, NCHR Secretary General and NCHR’s members. 

The meeting discussed a number of files and reports related to the NCHR’s action strategy and its executive plan that promote and protect human rights, strengthen human rights values, raise awareness of human rights and helping to guarantee their observance.  

The council has reviewed the NCHR’s action strategy for 2021-2025, held under the title “New Strategy for a Changing Reality”. The strategy takes in to consideration the council’s previous strategies, the new ongoing challenges and the NCHR’s aspirations regarding promoting and respecting human rights. 

After detailed discussions, the council approved the strategy. Additionally, the meeting discussed the case of Islam el-Australy who died as a result of torture. The case was investigated by the general attorney that ordered the release of the accused officer, and the imprisonment of four policemen pending investigation into the incident.

In this aspect, the council reiterates its recommendations regarding the need for ensuring the compliance of the definition of torture in the criminal code with the Optional Protocol to the International Convention against Torture that Egypt signed on. 

It has also stressed the need for establishing a mechanism for the elimination of torture. 

Furthermore, the council has discussed the reports made by its concerned committees on the implementation of the Construction Violations Reconciliation Law. It stressed the importance of the procedures announced by the prime minister regarding decreasing the reconciliation fees in villages. Also, the NCHR calls upon the government to take into account the social conditions of some families in Egypt, especially those in the poor and marginalized communities, and conduct further facilities, including extending the term of installments.