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The delegation of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) is following up the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system in Port Said Governorate

Within the framework of the activities of the National Council for Human Rights, and its follow-up to social and economic rights, and in implementation of the work plan of the Social Rights Committee and the Economic Rights Committee, the two committees conducted a field visit to Port Said Governorate on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, with the aim of following up on the health insurance system, in particular, and following up on responsibilities of NCHR in the governorates in general.

Engineer/ Amr Othman, Deputy Governor of Port Said, received Dr. Wafaa Binyamin, Ms. Dina Khalil, Ms. Rabeha Fathi, members of the National Council for Human Rights, and Ms. Salma Farouk, official of the Port Said office, and then visited Al Jawhara Center, the Emirati neighborhood unit and Al Nasr Hospital, with the aim of monitoring the current situation. To follow up on the progress of the implementation of the comprehensive health insurance system in the governorate, inspect the health care units and some hospitals under the system, conduct interviews with citizens and medical service providers, identify work obstacles, learn about infrastructure conditions, the availability of medical teams, and the necessary budgets.

In its visits, the National Council for Human Rights reviewed the training provided to doctors and the nursing team in order to reach the extent of the investment made to raise the efficiency of service providers from doctors and the nursing team.
With regard to the follow-up of the visit to human rights in general, the members of NCHR got acquainted with the mechanisms of managing and receiving complaints, testing the effectiveness of the complaints mechanism of the health insurance, evaluating the extent and effectiveness of digitizing the health insurance system, and direct communication with service beneficiaries to find out the shortcomings, success in the system, and measuring the extent of citizen's satisfaction with the quality of services provided, the ease of receiving medical services, identifying the economic cost of the state by applying the health insurance system, the return on the citizen, and following up on the implementation of the National Human Rights Strategy with regard to health insurance.

The National Council for Human Rights, with all its committees, continues to implement its strategy to follow up on the enforcement of Human Rights in all governorates of Egypt. Prior to this visit, the governorates of Beni Suef, Fayoum, Kafr El-Sheikh, Assiut, Sohag, Aswan, Ismailia, and Suez were visited by members of NCHR and Ambassador Moshira Khattab. President of NCHR.