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Ambassador Moushira Khattab, receives the representative of UNICEF in Cairo

Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, President of the National Council of Human Rights (NCHR), today received Jeremy Hopkins, UNICEF Representative in Egypt. During the meeting, the two sides have agreed on the outlines of the mutual cooperation between the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) to implement the national human rights strategy.

Khattab lauded NCCM’s expertise in a wide range of areas, including children’s helpline, children with disabilities helpline, and family consultations. She added that the complaints mechanism in NCHR shall benefit from this pioneer experience.

The two sides have agreed on investing in NCCM’s achievements in the implementation of the national human rights strategy in the protection of children from school dropout, and child labour.

Furthermore, the NCHR President highlighted that the children’s protection legal framework in Egypt complies with the highest international human rights standards, noting that the constitutional status of NCCM shall boost law enforcement measures to ensure the protection of children from school dropout and population explosion which undermines the process of development and the achievements of the Egyptian state in this area.

Khattab commended the cooperation with UNICEF in the implementation of the girls’ education initiative that presents a key platform to address all forms of violence against children, including marriage of minors, and child labour which is mainly caused by population growth. She also added that the Egyptian experience in girls friendly schools constitute a pioneer experience in high quality education which was documented by UNICEF and inspired many countries worldwide.