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NCHR’s July 2021 monthly meeting

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), today Wednesday, discussed in its monthly meeting the existential threat facing the Egypt people consisting of the catastrophic implications of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam constructed by Addis Ababa government on the Blue Nile, in serious violation to the international law principles and regulations concerning cross-border rivers.
The NCHR highlighted that the second filling of the aforementioned dam which was already started (according to the official Ethiopian statements) coincides with the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council to address the issue. Furthermore, the council noted that this step was initiated by the Ethiopian government outside the framework of any fair or binding agreement with the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.
For years, Addis Ababa has been deliberately hindering all attempts aimed at reaching such agreement which would support Ethiopia’s rights to use the river’s water in achieving its development plans, and at the same time ensuring the water rights of Egypt and Sudan.
The National Council for Human Rights in Egypt calls upon the international community to strictly oppose the Ethiopian behavior, which threatens the right to life of millions of people in Egypt and Sudan, aiming to deprive them from their only source of life (The River Nile).