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The National Council for Human Rights Condemns Grave Violations by Israeli Forces against the Palestinians

Mr. Mohamed Fayek, President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), has called the international legal and humanitarian community for an urgent and prompt intervention to put an end to the grave violations practiced by the Israeli colonial forces against the Palestinians, especially their deprivation of their lives, which is the most sacred and fundamental human right.

He stressed that the practices of the Israeli colonial troops, especially the explosions and forced evictions in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, for the benefit of the settlers, is a flagrant human rights violation that reminisces the practices of racial segregation in South Africa, which came to and end by the end of the last century.

He also shed the light on the necessity of guaranteeing the rights to life, freedom of movement, and freedom of worship, as natural and inherent human rights. However, the colonial troops systematically deprive the unarmed Palestine people these rights, within full view of the international community, meanwhile all people of the world are facing the coronavirus pandemic that threatens millions of lives, including the Palestinians, who are deprived of the medications and vaccines.

He emphasized that the rights to life, freedom of movement and worship must be guaranteed as inherent rights undertaken by the international humanitarian law.