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Signing of a cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Justice and the National Council for Human Rights

Based on the National Strategy for Human Rights, which was launched by President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi which included the need to commit to preserving human rights and public freedoms, and in line with the role of the Ministry of Justice, according to which it is the body responsible for justice affairs, with the services it provides, mechanisms and programs to raise the efficiency of capabilities and proficiency in working in the justice facility and attention to training in a way that enhances the quality of judicial work, and in view of the role of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in supporting and developing institutional and technical capabilities in the fields of human rights, consolidating human rights values and spreading awareness about them.

The protocol aims to prepare joint research, organize and hold scientific and practical conferences, seminars and workshops on basic human rights axes and public freedoms and design programs that address human rights issues in general. The two parties stressed the importance of exchanging legal and technical visions with regard to various legislations, whether by making legal amendments or introducing legislation on new topics related to human rights and public freedoms.

The two parties also agreed to establish a joint committee responsible for developing the necessary plan to activate the provisions of the protocol and proposing decisions related to its subject, provided that the committee prepares periodic reports on the progress of its work and its implementation. The committee includes from the Ministry of Justice both Counselor Muhammad Al-Ansari, Assistant Minister of the National Center for Judicial Studies, and Counselor Amal Ammar, Assistant of the Minister for Human Rights, Women and Children Affairs, and from NCHR, Dr. Ismail Abdel Rahman, Chairman of the Training Committee.